Providing skilled solutions to your staff team.

Not in a position to employ a worker?   Our freelance option may be ideal for your organisation.  

Volunteer Management


Providing you with highly experienced volunteer management skills.

We take manage your volunteering policies and procedures; 

develop role descriptions;

advertise for volunteers;

 interview volunteers;

 organisation induction and introduction to the project manager that they will be placed with.

Train and Upskill Your Staff


We will help you to develop a training programme for your staff and volunteer ensuring that their skills remain current and effective.

We will  devise a Learning & Development Plan

Deliver learning through a variety of methods

Evaluate the learning of staff and volunteers



Finding time to write grant applications is a challenge. 

We provide a bid writing service, clarifying outputs and outcomes, prepare budgets, develop the delivery and monitoring processes. 

Project Management


We are able to provide a short term project management service.

Managing outputs, staff, developing policies, evaluating the service and preparing reports.

What are the benefits of having a freelancer?

  • Expertise at a fraction of the cost of a consultant
  • Maintain control and management of the task.
  • No HR liabilities such as annual leave etc.
  • Save on employment costs such as recruitment, NI, pensions, sick pay etc. 
  • You can engage a freelancer for specific periods of time 

Our freelance offer provides you with skilled services for an agreed number of days, minimum of 10 days a year.