Providing independent expertise 

Planning and Away Days

We will work with you to identify what you want from your away day:  whether that is team building out of the office; an opportunity to engage in a community activity; or a day addressing a specific issue.  

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Evaluation and Impact Assessment

Answering the question 'what do you do?'  is essential for all organisations, but ever more important is to be able to answer the question 'what difference do you make?' and this is not going to go away.  

We will carry out a full Impact Assessment with a detailed report

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Policy Development

Developing effective organisational policies is a complex operation.  

Downloading templates is simply not enough.

We  prepare policies that respond to the purpose and structure of your organisation and how this fits into local, regional, national and global trends.

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Fundraising Strategy

EPITOME will help you to create a fundraising and income generation strategy by exploring your aims over the next few years and plan the funds that you will need to achieve these. Your final strategy might include individual giving, crowd funding, applications to grants and trusts or even enterprise.

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Participatory Budgeting

We provide a full package of support to deliver Participatory Budgeting.  Working with you to develop the most suitable process that empowers the community by putting decisions on grant distribution in the hands of the people that it affects.

 Creating democracy in action.

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Community Engagement

  Done well, community engagement empowers people to be active, influential, cohesive participants that strengthen civil society.

We will identify your target community.  Develop a strategy for engagement.  Create the platform to engage the community and get meaningful engagement. 

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Why are you engaging a consultant?

​​Do you need specific skills, knowledge or experience?

Maybe you need someone with cross sector experience. 

Or, someone with specific expertise e.g. 

  • fundraising  
  • facilitation
  •  policy development 

Do you have sufficient resources to pay a consultant?

Engaging a consultant should be considered an investment in your organisation to carry out a specific task or tasks.  Can you do some of the work in house?